Enchanted Forest 30cl coconut and rapeseed wax candle £20

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An invigorating fresh and uplifting scent that will take you on a magical journey through forests of fir trees, white cedar with hints of musk and citrus.

Candles from the Crystal Collection are presented with complimenting crystals. Enchanted Forest comes with rough green apatite believed to help re-establish a connection with nature. Also to calm nerves, instill courage and help with stressful and emotional situations.

Candle material

Crafted with passion, each candle comes in a 30cl high quality crystal effect glass container with a tumble crystal. Presentation pouch sold separately.

Wax used in the production of the candle made from coconut and rapeseed oil only therefore 100% natural. There are no other plant oils or synthetic additives. This is a renewable alternative to the traditionally used paraffin wax emphasising the environmental ethos of Candle Lion.

Fragrance oils used within the wax are of the highest quality and are a blend of natural plant based and synthetic compounds which are vegan friendly, paraben free and have not been tested on animals. Wicks are made of pure cotton and paper.

A 30cl sized candle provides Approx. 40 hours burn time.

Warning; to enjoy your candle in a safe manner please refer to the safety information on the product.

Note: this is a double wicked candle.