What we do

A collection of luxury scented hand made responsibly sourced soya wax candles and wax melts, hand poured scented room diffusers and car perfumes designed to create a truly idyllic atmosphere.

At Candle Lion we will always endeavour to choose recyclable materials avoiding the use of plastics where possible and select suppliers who are environmentally conscious whilst, delivering a luxurious finished product.


Life is a journey through the unexpected.
So, before I knew it my hobby of making scented candles developed into a passion which naturally shaped Candle Lion.

Being an ardent lover of the environment, I decided early on to work with vegetable waxes rather than paraffin which, although are known to be extremely challenging for chandlers provides environmental satisfaction.

So, thank you to my friends and family for their help, patience, being my guinea pigs and most of all for believing in me.

I hope you enjoy my range of products.